Reducing the costly prevalence of Salmonella in the egg industry

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The Problem

Salmonella infections are prevalent and costly around the world

Salmonella is one of the most prevalent foodborne illnesses

The bacteria causes over 1 million infections in the U.S. each year, costing about $4.1 billion in annual treatment costs according to the USDA

Food companies are at risk of multi-million dollar financial penalties, as well as legal action, for instances of salmonella contamination

Government regulatory bodies around the world have issued guidance in attempts to reduce salmonella cases

There is no simple, cost-effective method to sterilize eggs on the market, causing "pasteurized" eggs to cost consumers 2x to 4x more than regular eggs

Our Solution

Our state-of-the-art thermal solution sterilizes eggs in an all-in-one, continuous process
  • Acheives effective sterilization rate in removing salmonella from eggshells within seconds
  • Utilizes thermal science as a more efficient and highly effective egg sterilization method
  • Creates no effect on egg quality, as confirmed by shelf-life tests, egg incubation, and quality indices
  • Generates cost savings from energy-and-operation efficient process
  • Easily implemented to fit cleanly into existing processes – no new manufacturing needed


End-to-end solutions ensuring salmonella-free eggs

A system at every egg producer line

At every packing line

At the receiving end of every egg products line

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